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What is this website? It is a collection of fanfiction written by starfleet_officer1. Starfleet_officer1 is a fan of Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, X-files, Home Improvement, Early Edition, CSI: Miami, Numb3rs, and 24. You may find fanfiction from any of these fandoms on the site.

There is no slash on this website, and most fanfiction is PG-13 or lower.


Feel free to email starfleet_officer1@yahoo.com to get your fanfiction up on the 'Favorites' page. Starfleet_officer1 will add favorite fanfiction to this page regularly.

Artwork for starfleet_officer1's fanfiction, or artwork in general, will also be posted if emailed to starfleet_officer1.


Also please email feedback to starfleet_officer1@yahoo.com or put it in the Feedback Blog on this site.  I appreciate feedback!!


Happy reading!


Watch the Bari Trasadi movie trailer here, then click on X-Files Fanfiction 3 to read the story!



Site updated 7.5.2010



Virtual Season X

(Continuing the X-files, through 16 seasons)

"Our season is a continuation of the IMTP Virtual Seasons which began
after Je Souhaite of the TV X-Files season 7. Our season does not include
anything from the TV show after that episode, including Season 8 and 9." 



Mulder's Refuge

(A message board for X-files fans)

"This is the refuge not just for Mulder, but for all those people who like to write and read stories where Mulder has to depend on his personal refuge, Scully. It's all about Mulder hurt and Scully comfort, folks. If that's not what you're after, glad you stopped by, see ya later. But if that's just what you are craving, pull up a chair, take off your shoes and sit a spell. "




(A fanfic site for MT fics)




(Another site for all kinds of fanfiction)

My specific fanfiction on fanfiction.net